Job Definition

A job is the largest coherent collection of work in Hercules CI. It can be described using the combination of

  • a single repository,

  • commit,

  • job type,

  • job name,

  • resolved extraInputs

It can be thought of as an evaluation context for the evaluations that are performed directly by the agent.

Jobs are also identified by urls such as

Jobs are first created in the backend, then evaluated on an x86_64-linux agent, built on one or more agents, and finally its effects are run. Builds and evaluations run concurrently. Effects also run concurrently, but only after all of a job’s builds are successful and after previous jobs have completed. This means that a job’s effects are not run concurrently with those from other jobs of the same repository.

Each job produces one commit status representing the successful (or not) completion of all tasks, including evaluation, builds and effects.

Jobs are defined through Nix files in your repository. See Evaluation.