Getting Started

The setup can be performed by following the steps on instead.

You may either follow this guide step by step, or use parts of it as reference for the setup process.

Step 1. GitHub

  1. Click Sign in on the top right of and follow the steps.

  2. Click Add GitHub repositories, organizations near the top of the dashboard.

  3. GitHub will give you a choice to install the application on all repositories, which includes repositories to be created in the future, or to select specific repositories. We recommend that you make a selection of repositories, assuming not all your repositories have suitable Nix expressions. Follow the steps.

Hercules CI will automatically pick up permissions from GitHub. Collaborators will find the repositories they have access to when they sign in.

Step 2. Deploy an Agent

To start building you need to deploy an agent first.

The agent adds itself to a cluster by means of a cluster join token. This token corresponds to a GitHub user or organization. The same token may be used to add multiple agents.

When updating the cluster join token on a previously deployed agent, remove the /var/lib/hercules-ci-agent/secretState/session.key file and restart the agent. This is resolved in hercules-ci-agent 0.3.1 or later.

Choose one of the deployment options:

Step 3. Repository Setup

The goal of this step is to make sure everything is set up correctly.