Deployment Requirements

Internet Connectivity

The agent does not require any port forwarding to be set up. It can run behind firewalls. Connections are opened to

  • any services where build inputs will be fetched via Nix






The amount of network traffic depends on your workload. Unless you deploy a single host for assessment purposes, all outputs will be uploaded, including intermediate derivations.

System Requirements

We recommend to use large machines over many machines, to decrease the need to download dependencies, speeding up your jobs.

Officially supported platforms:

  • x86_64-linux

  • i686-linux on x86_64-linux hosts

  • aarch64-linux

  • x86_64-darwin (macOS on Intel)

  • aarch64-darwin (macOS on Apple Silicon)

The agent may run on any platform that is supported by Nix and GHC Haskell, but we can’t provide guarantees beyond the officially supported platforms.

The hardware requirements depend on your workload. hercules-ci-agent memory and CPU consumption is typically insignificant compared to the evaluation and build processes. The minimum memory requirement for Nix workloads is 4GB.