hci Environment

The hci command makes use of a number of environment variables and files.



Contains the Hercules CI API token.

It can contain multiple tokens: one per HERCULES_CI_API_BASE_URL.

This file is written by hci login.

It is ignored when HERCULES_CI_API_TOKEN is set.


A secrets.json file for use by hci effect run.

<forge> is typically github.

<owner> is the name of your organization as it appears in URLs, or for personal account if you’ve installed Hercules CI on your personal account.

The hci secret init-local command will report the location of the file and does not reset its contents.

An alternate location can be specified with HERCULES_CI_SECRETS_JSON.

Environment variables


The base URL of the Hercules CI API, for Hercules CI Enterprise users. This variable is also available in effects. See apiBaseUrl.


An alternative way of passing an API token to the Hercules CI API for authentication.

This overrides the applicable token in ~/.config/hercules-ci/credentials.json if present.

By default, hci will suggest to authenticate with hci login instead, which uses that file.


The location of a local secrets.json file for use with hci effect run.

When unset, a default value is derived from the working directory repository upstream owner.


Default: ~/.config. Affects the location of Files. All documentation will assume the default value.