Data sharing overview

The agent shares metadata and logs with to populate the dashboard and distribute work to other agents. It does not upload sources, whole derivations, or build outputs. This way it’s easy to keep your software confidential. will receive the following information.

Per agent:

  • hostname

  • agent version

  • nix version

  • systemFeatures

  • push cache configuration (excluding secrets)

  • substituter urls (e.g. s3://our-nix-cache?profile=cache-pull&region=us-east-1)

Per evaluation:

  • attribute names

  • error messages from Nix

  • derivation metadata

    • drv path name (e.g. /nix/store/…​-name.drv)

    • output path names

    • platform

    • requiredSystemFeatures (e.g. nixos-test, kvm)

    • dependencies (paths, output names)

    • source path names (no contents)

Per build (realisation):

  • build log at a verbose level

  • derivation path

  • output hashes as in nix-store -q --hash

  • output sizes as in nix-store -q --size

  • timestamps